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How to use amla powder for drinking.

Benefits of Amla Powder: Uses, Dosage & Side Effects

A household name and superfood; Amla or the Indian gooseberry is a powerhouse of nutrients. It has an interesting balance of bitter, sweet and sour flavours. Amla can be eaten raw, pickled, candied, powdered or juiced for consumption. It is also a rich source of Vitamin C, iron and calcium.

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Benefits of Amla Powder


Amla is full of antioxidants that reduce cell damage in order to slow down aging as well as offer protection from various diseases.


Cures sore throat

Amla powder mixed with ginger and honey can be a wondrous treatment for cough and a sore throat.


Increases metabolism and detoxification

Using Amla powder in your daily routine increases the absorption of protein in your body, burns calories, removes unwanted toxins, salts, and uric acid. It also provides energy and increases lean muscle mass.

Keeps the heart healthy

Amla reduces the build-up of bad cholesterol, clogging of arteries and thickening of blood vessel walls. As a result, it helps reduce the risk of heart diseases and keeps the heart healthy.

Improves Eyesight

Intake of Amla improves eyesight and overall eye health. It can also reduce the risk of cataracts, itching and watery eyes.

Builds overall immunity

Amla’s calcium content helps strengthen bones. It is also rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidants that build overall immunity and help fight health disorders like ulcers, gallbladder stones, jaundice and liver problems.

Skin Benefits

Amla powder has countless benefits for the skin. It reduces pigmentation, brightens the skin and provides a youthful glow.



Hair Benefits

Amla powder when used as a pack with various other ingredients has a volumizing effect on hair. It also helps combat dandruff, falling hair and prevents grey hair.

Uses of Amla Powder

A brief on the uses of Amla Powder –

  • For fighting cold, cough & sore throat, take Amla powder with ginger, honey, and lime juice
  • You can also add amla powder to a glass of fresh juice for breakfast or sprinkle some amla powder on fruits such as banana, apple or papaya and have as a mid-meal snack
  • Amla powder can be mixed with henna to give the hair dye a cooler tone. It also nourishes hair and provides luster
  • For a facial
    • Amla powder with raw honey moisturizes and treats breakouts
    • Mix with papaya and honey to brighten skin
    • Use it as a toner by mixing it with rose water
    • Try a facial with honey, yoghurt and amla powder
  • For joint diseases and gas trouble, then make a paste of 1 teaspoon amla powder with 2 teaspoon sesame oil and swallow the concoction with warm water
  • For digestion or skin related issues, have 1 teaspoon amla powder mixed with 1 teaspoon ghee along with warm water (you can also use jaggery instead of ghee)
  • For obesity and respiratory diseases take amla churan with honey
  • Make a hair mask with 2 teaspoons of amla powder, 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of yogurt in warm water – let it sit for 30 minutes before you wash it off with warm water
  • For hair growth, mix Amla powder with coconut oil for giving yourself a hair massage. Mix it with shikakai or egg for hair growth

Dosage of Amla Powder

  • ½ to 1 teaspoon twice daily with warm water after meals
  • For external usage, you can use it as needed

Side Effects of Amla

  • Overconsumption of Amla powder may lead to hyperacidity and unwanted weight loss
  • If you are on medication, it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking it as a supplement